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  • Investment Negotiation

    IPB will be responsible for projects negotiation

    XEDA Europe Office (Frankfurt)

    XEDA Japan Office

    XEDA Shanghai Office

    XEDA Beijing Office

  • First-Phase Registration

    IPB is in charge of first-phase preparation

    Enterprise Service Department is in charge of registration for free

    Talent Center is in charge of talent recruitment

    Labor Dispatching Center is in charge of labor dispatching

  • Construction Phase

    IPB is in charge of the coordination of

    construction issues

    Project Service Department is in charge of the assistance

    in land procedures and construction issues

  • Production Operation

    IPB provides lifelong service system

    XEDA provides each company one Service

    Manager to solve problems during the operation

    Comprehensive Treatment Office is in charge of

    safety problem

    Product exhibition center can supply with a platform

    for marketing

  • Market Development

    XEDA Electronic & Information Association

    XEDA Bio-medicine Association

    XEDA Mould & Die Association

    XEDA Family & Household Care products Association

    XEDA Equipment Manufacture Association

    XEDA New Energy & Materials Association

investment Q&A

How long will it take to register a company in XEDA?


XEDA has the highest government efficiency and one stop government service. Project manager could help investor prepare registration documents and arrange a project assistant register the new company for free. Normally, to finish the process of registering company, the schedule time of getting a business license is 15 workdays, while XEDA could make it in 5 workdays if the registration documents are well-prepared.

Which mode of payment should be followed on renting workshops?


Rent should be prepaid. Corporations could use either bill of exchange, telegraphic transfer, or cash pays the rent quarterly.

Are there any special requirements on tenancy term of customized workshops?


Yes, tenancy term should be over 5 years.

If there are no suitable workshops in XEDA, can XEDA provide customized workshop services?


Yes. XEDA could provide customized workshops on the basis of corporation’s technological process requirements. XEDA’s wholly owned industrial estate developers XEDA Group can give this service and it has the ability to build the FM approval workshops. It is a professional and experienced company in building customized workshop. For example: JABIL (FM Approval), Hatch (FM Approval), Schenck, IMF, Furukawa, SMS Siemag, Denso and so on. The customized workshops service requires corporations that seek no less than 5000m² workshops.

What’s the structure of standard workshops?


There are two kinds of standard workshops. One is for light industry, and the other is for the machinery industry. Light industrial workshops are single floor or double floors reinforced concrete frame workshops. Machinery workshops are single floor in a steel structure. 

How large is the area of XEDA standard workshop?


The area of each workshop is form 2500m² to 8000m². In order to finding a suitable workshop, corporations could combine or divide workshops flexibly according to the real needs. All standard workshops have water, electricity, gas supply, as well as a private factory yard.