Which European or American companies came to XEDA? How is their rate of return on investment?


XEDA has been one of the several Chinese highest rate of return on investment areas for foreign investors for a long time (Tianjin has the highest rate of return on investment for foreign companies of China). Not only the amount, but also the density of investment of XEDA is in the front rank of Chinese industrial parks. Lots of well-known MNC came here, including 39 Top 500 Companies like P&G, JABIL, Schlumberger, Samsung, and Denso. It also attracted other 70 European and American companies, for instance: Truck, Parker, Alpla, Magna, Faist, Tiptop, ATS, Mahle, Mino,and so on.

When was XEDA set up? What achievements have XEDA achieved?


Established in 1992, XEDA has been approved by the state council as a state-level economic development area. So far XEDA has attracted 2124 enterprises with a total investment of 21.03 billion USD, including 12.9 billion USD foreign investments. The major economic indicators are keeping good momentum. XEDA is one of the first nine electronic information industry bases, the only integrate circuit industry base of Tianjin, the largest chip-element and vehicle AC industrial base of the Asian-Pacific region, the most important bio-medicine and the largest personal care industrial base of northern China. All these make XEDA become a remarkable economic development area.

What are XEDA’s leading industries?


After more than 20 years developments, now XEDA has formed 5 major industrial chains, including Electronic & Information, Automobile Accessories, Bio-medicine, Machinery Manufacturing and High-end Personal Care Products. In order to establish “5+2” modern industry system mode, we will put our forth into emerging industries like Internet +, healthcare industry, energy conservation & environment protection, environmental protection, new energy, advanced materials, modern service, and modern service industries like culture creativity, commercial real estate economy. 

Where is XEDA located in? How is it planned and how large it is?

Answer:Tianjin is located in the 8th Eastern time zone of the west coast Pacific Ocean. The city area, east on Bohai Sea, west to Beijing ,covers from 38°34’N to 40°15’N, and 116°43’E to 118°4’E. As the eastern starting point of the Eurasia land bridge, Tianjin is one of the four municipalities and the largest costal open city of northern china.
XEDA, located in the south of Tianjin downtown, close to the political, commercial financial, cultural, leisure and exhibition centers of the city. Tianjin Meijiang Exhibition Center in Xiqing is the host place of the summer Davos forum every other year. The total planning area of XEDA is 150k㎡, with a completed industrial zone of 16.88 k㎡and the core service area of 6.33 k㎡, and the under developing area 30k㎡ as well as 4 cooperative development parks.  

What’s the origin and meaning of XEDA?


The full name of XEDA is Xiqing Economic-Technological Development Area, abbreviated as XEDA.