Location advantage

Located in the southwest of Tianjin, Xiqing District is located in Bohai Rim economic circle, China's coastal frontier. As one of the four districts around the city, it closely connects to the downtown. Two-fifths of Tianjin Outer Ring Road is located  within the boundary of Xiqing District, which shows that the district enjoys a favorable and strategic location.

Xiqing Economic-Technological Development Area(XEDA)

Located in the southern part of Tianjin city, XEDA is close to the political, financial, cultural, recreation and exhibition center of the city. It is also near the outer ring road and Tianjin’s largest ecological residential area — Meijiang Ecological Residential Area where Meijiang International Convention Center is located for holding national or international conferences and exhibitions. Being merely 8 km away from the downtown, 7km from Tianjin South Railway Station, 12 km from Tianjin Railway Station, 15 km from Tianjin Binhai International Airport, 120 km from Beijing International Airport and 30 km away from Tianjin Harbor, XEDA can reach various areas in China through Beijing—Shanghai Railway, Beijing—Harbin Railway, and etc, it is located in the vertical traffic network including Tianjin aviation, highway, railway and shipping transportation.

1 1 km to Outer Ring Road
2 1 km to Meijiang Convention Center
3 1 km to Meijiang Ecological city
4 1 km to Tianjin-Shanxi Highway
5 1 km to Tianjin-Shandong Highway
6 7 km to University City
7 7 km to Station of Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway
8 12 km to Tianjin Railway Station
9 15 km to Tianjin Airport
10 30 km to Tianjin Harbor