Natural climate
  • terrain

    XEDA is located in the southern part of Tianjin Downtown at an altitude of 3.4m , with open views and flat surfaces. It is embraced by upwind and surrounded by waters, so the Xiqing enjoys the clean and sound air condition.

  • geology

    The soil of XEDA is mild clay, and the bearing capacity of which reaches 8-12 tons per square meters. 
    XEDA has very rich geothermal resources. For example, the temperature of extracted underground water reaches 86 Celsius, ensuring the water supply for heating and living of companies in XEDA. 

  • climate

    XEDA has a temperate continental monsoon climate with clearly four distinct seasons. In spring, it is mild dry in temperature with less rain and much wind; in summer, it has rain supply in July to August, influenced by the subtropical high pressure in the Pacific Ocean and the warm and moist air current in the southwest. In autumn, the day is fine and clear, affected by the high pressure, while in winter, it is winter cold and dry as a result of the cold Siberia air mass. The average temperature in the whole year is 11.6 Celsius with 203 frost-free days and few changes in different years. Its annual precipitation days reach 69.1 on average, which concentrate from July to September. It has an annual rainfall of 586.1mm, of which 443.2mm falls in summer. The dominant wind blows from the south-west all year round with an annually average wind speed of 3.1m per second. Its total annual sunshine is 2810.4 hours.

  • Ecological landscape resources

    The most precious ecological resources in XEDA are Duliujian River to its west, Yadian Reservoir to its east, and irrigation canals and ditches. Yadian Reservoir is located south of the completed industrial zone, 12km away from Tianjin downtown, bordered by the town boundary to the east and north, Small Gold village to the south, and Li-Gang Railway to the west. It has a planned area of 31 square kilometers and a surface area of 12 square kilometers , its greening rate reaching more than 40%. We plan to build this area into a comprehensive industrial development area which is conducive to R&D and environmental protection, and is living-friendly and entrepreneurship-friendly.