Electronic Zone·Tianjin Xqing Science and Technology Industrial Park

Electronic Zone·Tianjin Xqing Science and Technology Industrial Park is located in state-level Xiqing Economic and Technological Development area, enjoying the corresponding support policies. It covers a land area of 532 acres with a construction area of 970,000 ㎡ approximately. It is composed of three industrial parks: Electronic Zone·Big Data and Internet Financial Industry Park, Electronic Zone·International Innovation Center, Electronic Zone·International Electronics Headquarters. Among which the Electronic Zone of big data and Internet financial industry park covers a total land area of 180,000 ㎡, construction area up to 440,000 ㎡; Electronic Zone·International Innovation Center a total land area of 130,000 ㎡, with the construction area of 27 million ㎡; Electronic Zone · international electronics headquarters, covering about 60,000 ㎡, construction area of about 260,000 ㎡.

The direct investment of the project is expected to be 4.883 billion RMB, with the cumulative scale of investment over 10 billion RMB. The project will focus on promoting big data, electronic information, Internet finance, industrial creative design and other high-end innovative industries and high-quality production services industry, and at the same time providing relevant supporting services ranging from research and development, design, headquarters office, big data centers, calling centers, training and education, logistics warehousing and so on.

The project after completion will not only accommodate the special needs of the enterprises relocated from Beijing, but also realize an orderly industry gathering atmosphere through the planning, positioning, investment, operation by Electronic Zone. The project currently is aimed at building an ideal platform for enterprise innovation and regional industrial transformation and upgrading ,providing growth company with a comprehensive environment combining industrial chain, productive services, business and life facilities and innovation culture, maximizing the integrated use the three major capitals, land, finance and industry, achieving the maximization of urban land value and industrial intensification. Thus the project can play a pivotal role in realizing transformation and upgrading, improving the industrial chain and enhancing the investment platform in the area, and even act as the strong practical example of  integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei province. Against the backdrop of the integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei province the project will be built into a demonstration project for industry relocation and matchmaking in the process of coordinated development, into an engine project with the high-end industry as the core, advantages of industrial clusters gathered, new industries encouraged, regional industrial service industry upgraded. 

 Background of the project

With the acceleration of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integrated development under the planning of national strategy, Tianjin, as the important industrial carrier in north China, will become as the emerging area of 2.5 gathering industries and the industrial structure transformation and upgrading in the future relocation process. It is a major national strategy to achieve the  integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei province, as well as, we must adhere to the principle of combining complementary advantages, striving for mutual benefit and win-win situation, so as to speed up and blaze a scientific and sustainable development trail in a solid manner. In this context, Electronic Zone shares will followed the national industrial development policies, investment and build “ Electronic Zone ·Tianjin Xiqing Hi-tech Park”.


Project Vision

To construct the ideal platform for enterprises’ development and innovation and regional industry’s upgrading and transformation, to provide the growth enterprises with an environment which is combined with industrial chain integration, productive services, business life supporting and innovation culture, to maximize the effect of land, finance and industry, to maximize the value of urban land and intensive industry.

 Under the background of accelerating integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei province, the project will be an engine project which is t aking the high-end industry as core, gathering the advantage industry cluster, promoting the emerging industry and promoting the regional industrial services. This project will be a demonstration project of platform for integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei province aimed at industry transfer.


Project Effect

The direct investment of this project is 4.883 billion RMB, the attracting investment scale will be over 10 million RMB. This project will focus on these industries such as big data, electronic information, internet finance, creative design, High-end innovation industry and high-quality productive service industry. At the same time, the project will provide supporting to the R&D, design, headquarters, big data center, call centers, training and education, logistics and warehousing in this industrial park,

When the project completes, it will meet the need of space for Beijing relocation enterprises and Tianjin local enterprises. A methodical industrial environment will be achieved through the project planning, investment and operation. The industry of this project area will be transformed and upgraded .The industry chain will be completed;the investment platform will be promoted; this area will also be the demonstration of the integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei province

Industry Selection

Main Emphasis of Relocation Industries

Data Center, Customer Service Center, Training and Education


Key Industry

Cloud Computing, Big data, smart logistics, mobile Internet, integrated circuits, automotive electronics, car networking, smart home furnishing, digital medical, information security.


Coordinate Industry

Communications equipment manufacturing, 3D printers, consumer electronics, software and service outsourcing, industrial design, Internet Finance, logistics and warehousing, small assembly enterprises, small processing enterprises, etc.


Business Supporting

Conference Service, Business Hotel, White-Collar Apartment, Supporting Business, Life Services



Platform for High-tech Industry Relocation among the integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei province.

By building an all-around services platform for operation and development of the enterprises, the park has acted as an advantageous support in realizing matchmaking for hi-tech industry in the process of integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei province, cultivating a favorable environment for industry upgrading and innovative development.


Service Platform

Talent Service

Talent intermediary, talent database

Service Platform for Talent settled

Talent Evaluation System

Vocational training platform(online or offline)


Finance Platform

Brunches of Bank

PE/VC, Small Loan Company

Service platform for Investment and Finance


Public Service

Government Services Office

Industry University Research Institute

Innovation Service Center, Incubator

Platform for Property Rights Trading

Service Platform for Intellectual Property

Public Service Platform for Software Information


Supporting Service

Property service

Chamber of Commerce & Industry Association

Life Supporting

Location of the Project

The three-dimensional transportation network acceleratescorporations soar

The project is located in XEDA, which is just 1km away from the outer ring road. Rongwu Highway, Tianjin-Shanxi Highway and Shanhaiguan-Shenzhen road are close to the project. It costs only 30mins to arrive Tianjin airport, Port of Tianjin, Tianjin South Railway station. What’s more, there are over 10 bus lines across the project area, and Metro line 10, 5, 6 will open soon.

Trafficnetworkextend in all directions

3 highways and 3 arterial roadsmake up the three-dimensional transportation network;

Rongwu Highway, Tianjin-Shanxi Highway, and Shanhaiguan-Shenzhen road

Weijin Road/Youyi Road/ Jiefang South Road connect the downtown

30mins to Beijing

30mins to Beijing South Railway Station 147km

1 hour to Beijing Nanyuan Airport 140km

2 hours to PEK Capital international Airport 160km;

5mins to Tianjin downtown

1km from the outer ring road   

1km from Meijiang ecological dwelling

8km to Tianjin university town

30mins connect the world

20km to Tianjin airport 

30km to Port of Tianjin

15km to the Tianjin South railway stationof Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway

45km from Tianjin Binhai New Area

only 0.5km to Tianjin—Shanxi highway

Metro line 10, line 5, and line 6 connect Tianjin downtown


Project supporting facilities


A Million square meters ecological chain

Talents Resources

It is convenient for corporations to hire talents because there are abundant human resources and fantastic education environment around the project location. All the 3 university towns of Tianjin and Haihe educational park are within 10km transportation circle, including Nankai University and Tianjin University. These educational zones have over 100 research centers, 30k senior scientific and technical personnel, 200k under graduates and 20k graduates. Corporations can find any kinds of workforces easily from here.

There are 2247 registered enterprises from 31 countries and regions around the project, 39 of them are Fortune Global 500.SMIC, NXP, P&G, Unicharm, Samsung, Panasonic, ROHM, JABIL, Denso and lots of other famous MNCs came to here. The place has attracted capital of 21.2 billon USD and main economic figures are kept growing fast and steadily. Nowadays, the project area is becoming one of the most competitive and development potential state-level development area of China, and it is also the most ideal investment place in north China.

The project is located in the state-level economic development area that approved by the State Council. Companies here can enjoy over 100 state-level preferential policies, including technology policies, talents policies, and industrial development special fund. Meanwhile, Xiqing Approval Center, which located beside the project area, can provide one-stop service for corporations. It combines local tax, state tax, Industry and commerce, Quality Supervision, environmental protection, commerce commission, planning department and many other government departments. The Xiqing Approval Center will enrich administration functions to form perfect administrative service platform. Furthermore, the corporation service platform is under setting up positively. The “SME entrepreneurship and development service center” as well as “SME products exhibition center” has already come into service. They will provide support policies, diversified VC platform, window service, and business negotiation; products display platform is open to all SME to enlarge SME’s publicity and marketing.


 (By Edison Yu William and Alex Wang Ted Hu)

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