XEDA participate in "2018 China-Japan artificial intelligence and block chain International Forum "
28 June 2018
  On 18th June, the occasion of the 40th anniversary signing of the Treaty of peace and friendship between China and Japan, the 2018 China-Japan artificial intelligence and block chain international forum was held in Japan and China Friendship Guild in Tokyo. The forum is sponsored by the Chinese overseas Chinese Innovation Association, the AI IOT Industrial Alliance in Japan, the Japanese Alumni Association of Beihang University, the Tianjin Xiqing Economic and Technological Development Area, the Alumni Association of the Beihang University, the Economic Association of the general consortium, the Japanese Economic Association, the Japan and the peace Friendship Association.

  The activities invited senior partner, Mr. Chikano Tai, a member of the China national major R & D program robot expert group, Professor Sun Fuchun of the Tsinghua University in Beijing, and Professor Hu Kai of Beihang University, to make a keynote speech with the guests of Beihang University. Social impact, AI artificial intelligence, Sino Japanese cooperation, block chain technology and application were discussed and in-depth exchanges.

  Mu Peng, the representative of the Tianjin Xiqing economic and Technological Development Area in Japan, as the representative of the Development Area, promoted the investment environment and related policies of the XEDA to the participants of the Development Zone.He introduced the related situation of the world Intelligence Conference and the publication of the Haihe in Tianjin, and welcomed the related enterprises and talents come to Xiqing Development Zone to develop business.

  The International Forum on China Japan artificial intelligence and block chain attracts dozens of Chinese and Japanese high-tech enterprises, small and medium enterprises and social groups, and more than 100 representatives of the participating enterprises will help to accelerate mutual trust and reciprocity between China and Japan, and promote cooperation and exchange between China and Japan in many fields, especially in "technology, talent, capital and market". Feeling the strong influence of artificial intelligence and block chain on the life of the new era, enterprise groups from all over China and Japan gathered together to enter a new era of communication and communication.

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