Tianjin Xiqing investment promotion negotiation conference successfully held in Shenzhen
23 July 2018
  Tianjin Xiqing investment promotion negotiation conference in Shenzhen titled “Embracing AI for a bright future” was successfully held in The Pivilion meeting centre in Shenzhen on the morning of July 20th. Mr.Bai Fengxiang, the Deputy Secretary of Xiqing district party committee of Tianjin municipality and the mayor of Xiqing district attended the event and delivered a speech. Office of Tianjin’s municipal government at Guangzhou and over 130 leading enterprises from various industries of Artificial Intelligence, Smart Manufacturing, Big Data, The Internet of Things, The Internet of Vehicles, Integrated Circuits, “The hidden champion” and “The Unicorns Company” were invited to the conference. More than 10 Medias including Shenzhen Business Daily, Nanfang Daily, NetEase, Tencent, and Sina took the coverage of the event.

  This investment promotion negotiation conference was organized and held by Xiqing Economic-technological Development Area with the focus on the Intelligent Technology Industry and Artificial Intelligence Industry. They laid emphasis on promoting the support policies on the overall business investment environment and the most competitive industries within the aim to attract more fast-growing and pioneering high-end industry projects as well as leading talents in science and technology so as to build an innovative development highland of integrated circuits industry and artificial intelligence industry in northern China.

  In his speech,Bai stated that artificial intelligence has become a leading technology in the information age with its rapid expansion of the market scale and the critical point of industrial explosion point is around the corner. To grasp the development opportunity of intelligent technology and vigorously cultivate the AI industry, Xiqing district has 6 “advantages” for enterprises coming to Tianjn. First, the needs of development. The industrial structure of Tianjin now mainly relies on the heavy industry and the traditional industry takes up a large proportion, so more efforts needs to be exerted to guide and lead the transformation and upgrading of the industry by developing the intelligence industry with the Artificial Intelligence at its core so that new vitality will be injected to the sustained development of economy. Second, the needs of the market. The smart city special campaign formulated by Tianjin municipal government and the “Cloud Xiqing” big data platform released by Xiqing district government have provided fresh development opportunities and broad market space for the implementation of projects like smart government, smart medical care, and smart transportation. Third, a good industrial ecological environment. Xiqing district is close to the center of Tianjin and has mature city infrastructure. It is also rich in intelligent resources. There are totally 11 universities and over 200 vocational colleges located in the district which satisfies the intellectual ecological element, the most important element of the development of the artificial intelligence industry.Fourth, cost advantages.Xiqing district has a relatively economical living cost and appropriate consumption expenditures. Both of them are beneficial to the settlement and development of the talents. Fifth, special policies in Xiqing. Xiqing district has formulated a series of support policies on talents and industries with the center of Artificial Intelligence to promote the rapid development of enterprises.Sixth,a full preparation. To welcome enterprises to launch business in Xiqing district, Tianjin’s government has invested in the construction and purchased buildings for the development of Artificial Intelligence industries, and has taken the lead in establishing SMIC-Haihe-XEDA industrial investment fund that mainly invests in Integrated Circuit and Electronic Information Area as well as Tianjin venture capital fund that invests in Artificial Manufacturing Industry through the channel of Tianjin Haihe industrial investment fund. They aim to support enterprises to thrive with the help of the financial capital.

  At last, he sent a sincere invitation to the participating companies, saying that the government of the Xiqing District will always adhere to the concept of "Industry first, entrepreneur priority" to provide the best-quality services for enterprises. He welcomed entrepreneurs to invest and launch business in Xiqing.

  At the conference,Ms.Jiang Lidan, deputy director of the Administrative Committee of Tianjin Xiqing Economic and Technological Development Area, introduced the general situation of Xiqing District and the industrial development plan to the participating enterprises, and interpreted the “Haihe Talent plan” in Tianjin, the “Twenty-five items of new talent policies of Xiqing” and “20 policies to support high-end manufacturing innovation” and the special support policies of the artificial intelligence industry.

  At the discussion session, the Industry and Information Committee, Science and Technology Commission, Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Talent Office, and relevant leaders from sub-district offices and Development Zone conducted an in-depth communications and discussions with entrepreneur representatives on policy content and investment intentions that concern the enterprises. In the heated discussion, many entrepreneurs showed their interests on Xiqing’s favorable business environment and characteristic support policies. As a result, over 20 enterprises have intentions to cooperate and will come to Tianjin for field trips in recent days.

  At the conference, Xiqing’s government officially announced the “Cloud Xiqing” Big Data platform and intelligent connected vehicle northern test area project. Looking forward, with the tool of big data technology, Xiqing district will make the full use of Smart city construction, build and integrate data resources of “E-government cloud”, “Public cloud” and “Industrial cloud” and build an integrated big data platform that combines functions of interactive sharing, benefiting people and integrating. At the same time, it will attach great priorities to intelligent connected vehicle industry and establish the most diversified intelligent connected vehicle and intelligent transport test certification platform in northern China.

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