Xiqing District Overseas Leadership Japan Liaison Station's first policy presentation was successfully held at the University of Tokyo
13 September 2018
  In order to effectively bring into play the functions of overseas talents, technology and projects introduced by Xiqing District Overseas Talents Liaison Station, and timely docking high-level overseas talents, Xiqing District and Tokyo Talent Liaison Station held the key talent policy announcement for the first time by remote video conference.  The relevant person in charge of the Science and Technology Department of the Xiqing District Talent Office and XEDA Management Committee participated in the video conference, which publicized and interpreted the relevant talent policy for some high-level talents from the internationally renowned universities such as the University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, and Waseda University and the responsible person of some companies in the fields of biomedicine and artificial intelligence. 

  At the meeting, Liu Zhiqin, deputy director of the Xiqing District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and deputy director of the District Talents Office, delivered a speech to introduce the overall situation and entrepreneurial environment of Xiqing District. Professor Zhao Changming, head of the industry-university research of University of Tokyo described the high-level talents training situation and entrepreneurial needs of the University of Tokyo.

  Subsequently, Professor Zhao Changming and the representative of the Japanese office of XEDA, Mu Peng, took the stage to unveil the Xiqing District Talent Contact Station in Tokyo.

  The relevant person in charge of the Xiqing District Talents Office deeply interpreted the key talent policies of Xiqing District's “25 items of new talent policies”, “113” Talent Program, and “Celebrity Bole Award” for the participants. Subsequently, the relevant person in charge of the Science and Technology Department of XEDA gave detailed answers to the issues concerning the industrial development of Xiqing District, the application for funding policy and the implementation of the R&D platform.
  This video presentation is the first docking event since the establishment of the Tokyo Overseas Talents Contact Station. The Xiqing District Talents Office will normalize the overseas referral mechanism, further connect overseas high-level talents, and promote overseas talents to Xiqing for innovation and entrepreneurship.

  In December last year, with the establishment of the first “Overseas Talent Contact Station” in Los Angeles, Xiqing District’s recruiting work attracted the pace of globalization. In order to further increase the introduction of overseas high-level talents and broaden the channels for attracting talents, Xiqing District has established two “Overseas Leading Liaison Stations” in Frankfurt, Germany and Tokyo, Japan in July this year, opening up a global talent-taking model. The overseas liaison liaison station provided a bridge for Xiqing to carry out exchanges and deep cooperation between talents and projects, and also opened up a green channel for overseas talents to come to Xiqing for innovation, entrepreneurship and cooperation.

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