Supporting services

  • XEDA has started the operation of company's service hotline-96611, which can provide all day and all around consulting services, unblocking the complaining access, simplifying the formality procedures and shortening the distance between government and company.

  • Various financial institutions like banks, XEDA small loan company, XEDA guarantee company provide financing services and IPO consultation for enterprises.

  • “One-stop” examination and approval and "one-package" service for investment projects by Sub-center of Xiqing Approval Center.

  • XEDA provides comprehensive services like logistics distribution and bonded warehouse. GLP, the largest logistics facilities developer and service provider in Asia, is engaged to enhancing the efficiency of supply chain of the customers.

  • A digital security network and control system covering the whole area conducts a 24 hour omni-directional safety monitoring

  • Tianjin Customs’on-site operation office in Xiqing is in charge of the business of Xiqing District and Jinnan District, including import/export, customs clearance, tariff reduction and exemption, processing trade, etc.