Tianjin Xiqing district starts the construction of the National Intelligent Connected Vehicle Quality Supervision and Inspection Center Testing Site
08 October 2018

  Recently, at the unveiling ceremony of the National Intelligent Connected Vehicle Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Tianjin), the People's Government of Xiqing District of Tianjin signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the China Automobile Technology Research Center. The two sides will jointly build the National Intelligent Connected Vehicle Quality Supervision and Inspection Center test site.

  The signing ceremony of the national Intelligent Connected Vehicle test facility

  Bai Fengxiang, Deputy Secretary of Xiqing District Committee and district director, delivered a speech at the signing ceremony. The general situation of Xiqing District, the industrial development plan and the specific situation of the project of Xiqing Intelligent Connected Vehicle North Test Zone were introduced in detail. Based on the overall jurisdiction of Xiqing District and based on the ecological development of the whole industry of Intelligent Intelligent Connected Vehicle, the test site will build a "North China Intelligent Connected Vehicle Test Zone" which integrates virtual test field, closed/semi-closed test field and open test road, and covers the whole area with high-precision map. After completion, it will follow the principle of sharing and opening. Read for the intelligent transportation and automatic driving industry supporting enterprises to provide experiments. At the same time, we sincerely invite the participating enterprises to express that the government of Xiqing District will always adhere to the concept of "industry first, entrepreneur first " and provide the best service for enterprises.

  Bai Fengxiang, deputy secretary and district governor of Xiqing District, delivered a speech at the signing ceremony.

  It is reported that the key project of "2+1" in the test area has begun to be constructed, "2" refers to the R&D and virtual test center and the closed test field, and "1" refers to the open test road.
  The R&D and virtual test center is located in the new city center building of Zhongbei Town. Through the virtual test scenario and virtual test technology developed by the data resource center of Zhongbei Auto Center, it provides front-end verification and feedback for Intelligent Connected Vehicle. At present, it has accumulated dozens of large and medium-sized city scenario data in China. 
  Located in Wangwenzhuang Town, the closed test field has planned construction area of 4000 mu and phase I plan of 1475 mu. Six independent test zones and more than 300 test scenarios are set up. After completion, it will become the most abundant test scenario and the most complete test project in north China.
  In addition, the first open test road around the closed test site in Tianjin has been considered by the relevant municipal departments, and will be officially opened. In the future, Xiqing District will open three test roads in different environments, with a total test mileage of 84 kilometers expected. The three-level test system, which is based on virtual test, closed test and open road test, covers the front end, middle end and back end of Intelligent Connected Vehicle Test, which can fully meet the whole process test needs of enterprise customers.
  Bai Fengxiang, deputy secretary and district director of Xiqing District Committee, said that as the specific industrialization application of "Yunshang Xiqing" big data and AI industry development planning, Xiqing District will build a targeted data platform of Intelligent Network United University, providing an open environment for data development of Intelligent Network United University with open capabilities, open data and open tools. Provide comprehensive data and technical support for enterprises, research institutes and developers in related industries. The strategic cooperation will provide a platform for all parties concerned to build friendship, deepen cooperation and seek common development, and take this opportunity to promote Tianjin Intelligent Connected Vehicle to a higher level and higher level.

  Academician Li Deyi of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Department of Science and Technology and Equipment Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration, Research Institute of Transport Management Science of the Ministry of Public Security, Automobile Transport Center of the Highway Academy of the Ministry of Communications, and Association of Machinery Industry, witnessed the signing ceremony of the contract, and members of the Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Municipal Industry and Information Commission, Munic The meeting was attended by the leaders of Xiqing District Chief, Vice District Chief, Xiqing District Industry and Information Technology Commission and Xiqing Development Zone Management Committee. n addition, FAW, SAIC, Dongfeng, Huachen, Beiqi, Geely, Great Wall, Jianghuai, BYD, Chery, Huachen BMW, Yutong, Dongfeng Nissan, FAW Toyota, Beijing Mercedes-Benz, Beijing Modern, Guangzhou Automobile Mitsubishi, Weilai, Jilin University, Chang'an University, Baidu, Qihu 360, Botaiyuezhen, Asia-Pacific Electric, Quoteng Representatives of more than 30 well-known enterprises and universities, such as Juchuang, Four-dimensional Tuxin, Shanghai Songhong, and mainline science and technology, attended the meeting.

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