Policy on Technology and Innovation

1.Tianjin’s Key & New Product Project 
The purpose of Tianjin’s key & new product project is to encourage enterprises to foster the development of new products, to further enhance the ability of independent innovation, to deepen the implementation of creating small technological giant upgraded version,. After accreditation, the product will be awarded with Tianjin key new product certificate, then selected and recommended to apply China national level Key & New Product Project. Additionally, the accredited Tianjin key new product will be provided with financial subsidy, municipal finance will provide no more than ¥500,000 direct subsidy, Xiqing district provide ¥100,000 direct matching subsidy.

2. High-Tech Enterprises
To support and encourage the development of high-tech enterprises, according to pertinent regulations of PRC Enterprise Income Tax Law, Regulations for the Implementation of the PRC Enterprise Income Tax Law, the accredited national high-tech enterprises are able to apply preferential tax policies according to Income Tax Law and its implementation regulations with tax in 15% CIT encouraging rate. Meanwhile, according to Tianjin’s pertinent regulations, newly accredited high-tech enterprises will be provided with no more than ¥500,000 subsidy. Additionally, in terms of project application, the national,municipal and district level projects are all preferentially leaning towards national high-tech enterprises with market potential and development prospect.

Personnel & Talent policy

1. Tianjin rent subsidy policy for overseas students starting entrepreneurship in Tianjin
To encourage and support oversea students come back to China for entrepreneurship, Tianjin Municipal Human Resources And Social Security Bureau, Tianjin Municipal Bureau of foreign experts released Approach for app lying rent subsidy for oversea students starting entrepreneurship in Tianjin. Mainly for oversea students with return time of no more than 5 years who are renting operating sites for entrepreneurship, or oversea students who are registering company as legal representative in municipal , district level accredited overseas students entrepreneurship Park or professional incubator,
Companies with good operating condition could apply for rent subsidy according to the number of entrepreneurs and employees.

2.Xiqing District Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talent “113” Plan
In order to deepen the implementation of talent area strategy, increase the introduction of innovative and entrepreneurial talents and team, Xiqing district released Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talent“113”Plan, centering on the development of leading industries and strategic emerging industries, pushing National Independent Innovative Demonstration Zone Xiqing Park, in 5 years time, introducing about 1000 urgently needed talents, about 100 innovative and entrepreneurial leading talents, about 30 innovative and entrepreneurial leading teams. The policy will provide urgently needed talents, innovative and entrepreneurial leading talents and teams with subsidies including funds, housing support and entrepreneurial guidance.

3. Tianjin Introduction of Talent “Green Card” Interim Administrative Measures
Talent Green Card is the proof for various qualified personnel applying related procedures in Tianjin, Talent “Green Card” holders (hereinafter referred to as “Card Holders”)enjoy the green card regulations when  transacting talent introduction procedures and other aspects of living in Tianjin. Talent Green Card includes “Card A” and “Card B”. High-level foreign experts, overseas high-level talents have worked in Fortune Global 500, Fortune Chinese 500 as middle management level or above could enjoy this preferential policy.

Financial policy
1.To Support Joint-stock Transformation for Small and Medium Sized Technological Enterprises
In order to assist small and medium sized technological enterprises to broaden financing channels through joint-stock transformation, Tianjin issued the Funds Management Approach of Subsidy for Small and Medium Sized Technological Enterprises Joint-stock Transformation, to relocate special fund from funds for the development of small and medium sized technological enterprises to support joint-stock transformation for small and medium sized technological enterprises, to guide them gradually enter the capital market for financing development, to reserve force for IPO.
2. To Support Tianjin’s Enterprises Development through IPO

In order to make better use of the opportunities of the development of national multi-level capital market, focus on the essential requirements of finance servicing real economy, to further promote the healthy development of the capital market in Tianjin, to increase the proportion of direct financing and asset securitization rate, Tianjin issued “Policies to Support Tianjin’s Enterprises development Through IPO”. Enterprises conducting joint-stock transformation, NON-IPO and IPO will be provided with financial aid, tax relief, increased financial support, Priority to ensure the project construction land and etc.

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