Investment Negotiation
IPB will be responsible for projects negotiation
XEDA Europe Office (Frankfurt)
XEDA Japan Office
XEDA Shanghai Office
XEDA Beijing Office
First-Phase Registration
IPB is in charge of first-phase preparation
Enterprise Service Department is in charge of registration for free
Talent Center is in charge of talent recruitment
Labor Dispatching Center is in charge of labor dispatching
Construction Phase
IPB is in charge of the coordination of construction issues
Project Service Department is in charge of the assistance in land procedures and construction issues
Production Operation
IPB provides lifelong service system
XEDA provides each company one Service Manager to solve problems during the operation
Comprehensive Treatment Office is in charge of safety problem
Product exhibition center can supply with a platform for marketing
Market Development
XEDA Electronic & Information Association
XEDA Bio-medicine Association
XEDA Mould & Die Association
XEDA Family & Household Care products Association
XEDA Equipment Manufacture Association
XEDA New Energy & Materials Association

“One-stop” Service System

In XEDA, the unique “One-stop”Service System can provide all-around convenience for customers both in and abroad in terms of negotiation, early-stage registration, project construction, production and operation as well as market development.

Professional team in investment promotion

n order to better serve the project negotiation with foreign customers, XEDA has organized an international investment promotion team with high professionalism, good quality and broad horizons, with all the members rich in investment promotion and having a good master of foreign language in English, Japanese and Korean., who can communicate with foreign enterprises with “zero barrier”, capable of providing professional investment guidelines for investors. Besides, XEDA has set up offices in Tokyo of Japan and in Frankfurt of Germany, which are considered as the doorway to overseas enterprises and the platform of cooperation.

Effective Registration Procedure

Xiqing Administrative Approval Center Subdivision is located in XEDA, gathering multiple functional departments covering industry and commerce, taxation and approval, in a position to provide a “one-stop” administrative approval services for enterprises. Assisted by professional personnel in XEDA, the enterprise can complete registration within 5 days and get the business license, saving 10-15 days less than normal.

Whole-process Track of Project Construction

XEDA has project service department, environment construction department to be in charge of handling procedures in the construction, providing full services in planing, land use, construction, commencement and completion, actively assisting enterprise in solving problems encountered in the construction, ensuring the project to progress as planned.

Exclusive service manager for enterprises

XEDA has always been committed to the service concept of “ A piece of practical work is worth than thousands of words.” It has set up the system of “enterprise service manager network”, that is to arrange a service manager for every enterprise that has come and settled, conducting tracking services featured by“zero distance” and “zero toll”. The service manager pays regular visit to enterprises, and formulate a ledger based on the requirements of enterprises, providing “one-on-one” individualized services.

Total-factor support for the development of enterprises

There is a SME service center in XEDA integrating functions of technological support, financial services and talents supply. There is also a XEDA Entrepreneurs Club that is aimed to promote communication among enterprises, providing a total-factor support for them. It is also in a position to help enterprises to apply for all types of talent policies, so as to obtain financial support for technological innovation, technological update, talents introduction and Industry-College-Research Institute. By building the platform gathering a full range of financial institutions, eligible enterprises can have an access to loan and guarantee services.

Empower the enterprise in brand promotion

XEDA has built a product exhibition center, serving as a platform to display and publicize the famous products for enterprises in the development area. At the same time, by taking advantage of sales activities and trade exchanges held in the area, it can help enterprises to set up brands, improve popularity and expand market.

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