XEDA Industrial Park

XEDA Industrial Park is located in the south of XEDA completed industrial area, in Wangwenzhuang township, enjoying great traffic advantages in terms of Tianjin-Shanxi Highway, Jizhou District-Shantou connecting line, 205 National Expressway (Tianjin-Zibo, Shandong Province), as well as Tianjin-Tangshan Highway and there are totally 10 main roads around. The industrial park occupies an area of 10.5 k.

The start-up area of 5.6 k located in the east side of Tianjin-Shandong Road, is ready for the investment. The representatives include Kobe Steel, Goodman, USAS, GLP, Moresco, etc. In addition, the start-up area has built 310,000 k standard workshops with complete facilities and professional services, which can satisfy various demands of machinery, mold, electronic enterprises and so on. Therefore, enterprises can move in and begin its production directly. The expansion area is 2.2 k, which is still during infrastructure construction phase.

2.Industry direction
The major industries including high-end equipment manufacturing, automobile accessories, consumer goods, new material & energy and environment protection, etc.

3.Supporting facility
①Electricity: There are twelve 110KV substations and three 220KV substations. 
②Water supply and sewage: The industrial park introduces city tap water, which can be directly used in industrial production and daily life, with the supply pressure of 0.2mpa and the water supply capacity of 120 tons/hour, ensuring uninterrupted water supply. Besides, there is also a drainage pumping station with the drainage capacity of 3060 cubic meters/hour.
③Natural gas: One CNG gas station locates here with supply capacity of 300,000 cubic meters/day.
④Communication: China Unicom and China Mobile both provide service here, equipped with international advanced level of SPC exchange device enjoying installed capacity of 12000 doors, can provide users with the international prevailing standard ISP and DDN device, to meet the various requirements of communication
⑤Apartment: There is one white-collar apartment, 7 blue-collar apartments and some supporting complex building and office building around, which can accommodate 6000 people at most.
⑥Property Management: The professional property management company can provide order maintenance, engineering maintenance, daily cleaning, substation operation and many other aspects of PM services.

4.Standeard workshop
Total construction area: 470,000
Structure: steel structure
Eave Height: 13.9 meters 
Height under Crane: 10meters
Width: 36 meters 
Loading capacity: 5 tons/
Crane: 10 tons
Offices: refined decoration
Fundamental facility: completed water, electricity, natural gas & communication
Area: 4500㎡ -6500㎡ per building 
Utilization form: ease 
Target industry: mechanical & mould industry
Rent: 25 yuan//month 

By Helen Zhang and Alex Wang

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