XEDA Logistics Park

XEDA Logistics Park,a municipal-level logistics park approved by the Tianjin municipal government ,is located in Xinkou Township of Xiqing District in the west of Tianjin downtown. Located in the intersection of Tianjin-Shanxi highway and Tianjin-Shanghai highway.XEDA Logistics Park enjoys favorable traffic with highway and regional connecting roads nearby,providing extraordinary advantages to settle the logistics base.The park covers planning an area of 6k㎡ and is divided into the southern part and northern part.It is planned to be built by two phases.The XEDA Logistics Park focuses on developing high-end cold chain logistics,technology trade,e-commerce,product exhibition and trade, ecological tourism and leisure industry.

The northern part covers an area of 4k㎡. Relying on the South Canal cultural leisure tourism zone and superior natural resources of Xinkou Town.  A business and Tourism-friendly modern trade logistics center will be build including function such as logistics distribution, business experience, technology demonstration, tourism and leisure.

Transportation of XEDA Logistics Park
XEDA Logistics Park enjoys outstanding geographical advantage. It is located at the intersection of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei economic circle and Bohai Economic Rim, making it one of the most significant traffic joints connecting the surrounding provinces.
• Service radius of the park is up to 250km, encompassing Beijing, Hebei, northern part of Shandong and south of Liaoning province.
• Traffic network around the park is convenient with remarkable economic development advantages, making XEDA Logistics Park an ideal place for enterprises to invest. 

Resources advantage of XEDA Logistics Park
1、Ecological and Agricultural resources: healthy food supply for North China
The natural environment surrounding the park is superior. The Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, Ziya River, Daqing River, Duliujian River, Zhongting River are all past through this area. The logistics park is close to the national agricultural demonstration zone. The agricultural planting area is 40 thousand acres, planting a variety of pollution-free, green, organic vegetables and more than and 40 varieties. The annual output is 350 million kilograms. Also, it is the origin of the famous “Shawo radish”.
2、Leisure tourism resources, international-level vacation experience for millions of Tourist
Leisure tourism resources around this area is abundant. There are Shuigao manor, the Jade Buddha Temple, sixth Bu tourist town, wetland landscape of Duliujian River Ziya River and Daqing River, the bird habitat by Duliujian River, Dongdian natural landscape.
3、Related business resources: abundant commercial facilities for quality life.
There are commercial supporting resources such as Xinkou Hotel, Investment Service Center, and Garden Commercial Street around XEDA Logistics Park. Enterprise can be provided with thoughtful, convenient business "one stop" service.
4、Education and Medical resources: ideal choice for investment and start a busniess
Around XEDA Logistics Park ,there are primary and medical facilities. The construction layout is reasonable and facilities are complete. This area provides an ideal eco livable and social harmonousliving environment.

By Ethan Zhang and Ted Hu

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