XEDA Healthcare Industrial Park
XEDA Healthcare Industrial Park is located in Jingwu Township, which is in the southwest of Tianjin downtown. With a planning area of 2.1 k,it enjoys dual policies of State-level Economic Development Area and State-level Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone. As a heathcare-oriented industrial park, it has given priority to the development of health food industry, high-end medical & instruments as well as health service, committed itself to building a healthcare industry base combining research, industry, business and life.  

II.Development Plan
Development Layout: The park covers an area of 2.1 k, which included 2100.8 mu of first-class industry area and 361.3 mu of business service land.
Four boundaries: Eastwards to Minxing North Road, southwards to Jinlai Road, westwards to Saida Avenue, northwards to Huishen Road.

III.Investment Orientation

Focusing on the healthcare industry, the park will introduce in R&D and manufacturing institutions concerning healthcare including nutritional health food, health beverage, food machinery, medical research and manufacturing, healthy leisure healthy medical services.

IV.Investment Advantages

1.Location and Transportation
(1) Location Superiority
XEDA Healthcare Industrial Park is located in the southwest of Tianjin, which is close to downtown with only 2km away from the outer ring road. It is 2km away from the Tianjin South Railway Station, where the Beijing-Shanghai High-speed train stops; 12 km away from Tianjin Airport; 50 km away from Tianjin Port; 0.5 km away from the 3rd Tianjin University Zone and 9 km away from the administrative center of Tianjin. The industrial park is next to Tianjin Binhai New Area, Xiqing College High-tech Zone, Tianjin South Railway Station Technology and Business District, equipped with complete supporting facilities and superior locations.
(2)Transportation Superiority
Complete transportation network of expressways, roadways, railways, subways and waterways have been distributed around XEDA, having access to the major cities and traffic nodes in the country, which is endowed with extraordinary transportation superiority.

Close to Tianjin-Cangzhou Expressway and Tianjin-Shanxi Expressway, the park has formed a highly-connected expressway network along with the surrounding Beijing-Shanghai Expressway and Beijing-Baoding Expressway.
Entrances and exits of Tianjin-Cangzhou Expressway are located in the industrial park. Entrances and exits of Yangliuqing, Jinwen, Jinjing, Jinlai are located within the 10km distance around the park.
2km away from the Tianjin South Railway Station, where the Beijing-Shanghai High-speed train stops and it takes 30 minutes to Beijing and 4.5 hours to Shanghai by train 
12km away from Tianjin RailwayStation, and it takes 30 minutes to Beijing by inner-city train
The Metro line 3 runs through the industrial park, including College Town Station, the High-tech Zone Station and College Industrial Park Station
Municipal Roads
Jinwen Road, Tuanbo Expressway. XEDA Avenue, Yingshui Road (5 km to downtown), Binshui West Road (5km to downtown), Jinlai Road (5km to downtown))
20 km away from Tianjin Binhai International Airport, 100km from Beijing Capital International Airport and 80km from Beijing Capital 2nd International Airport.
50 km from Tianjin Port, which is the largest comprehensive trade port in North China. Tianjin Port has established trade relations with more than 500 ports in more than 180 countries and regions.

2.Industry Superiority

XEDA Healthcare Industrial Park is close to multiple industry cluster .such as, Tianjin Binhai High-tech Zone, State-level Xiqing Economic and Technological Development Area, National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone Xiqing Sub-park, Huigu Science and Technology Park and Xuefu Kechuang Square. It has gathered many high-end enterprises and R&D institutions from industries such as high-end manufacturing, bio-medicine, automobile and accessories as well as internet, providing a promising market resources for the development of enterprises in the park with mature industrial environment.

3.Intelligence Superiority
Only 0.5 km away from the 3rd higher education zone. Tianjin Polytechnic University, Tianjin Normal University, Tianjin University of Technology, Baode College of Tianjin University of Commerce are all located around the park, providing a wide range of managerial and research talents for enterprises; besides, there are Tianjin Institute of Software Engineering, Tianjin Agricultural College and Tianjin University of Urban Construction are also here, providing professional skilled personnel.
By leveraging the rich intelligence resources and platforms such as College high-tech zone and the University Science and Innovation Square, the park has gathered a large number of research institutes and R&D institutions, developing into a industry-university-research base combining science and education, R&D and industrialization.

4.Humanity Advantage
Jingwu Township, where the park is located, is the hometown of Huo Yuanjia, the famous patriotic martial artists. The park is located in the cultural and leisure tourism belt in Jingwu Township, enjoying abundant tourism resources, including Chinese Martial Art Park, Huo Yuanjia Memorial Hall, Huo Yuanjia school of culture and martial art.
Around the park, you can also find Chinese famous historical and cultural township--Yangliuqing, Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, the Shi’s Mansion--the first residential courtyard in North China, Tropical Botanical Sightseeing Garden--the largest indoor tropical plant sightseeing garden in Asia and Yangliuqing wood engraving pictures, etc.

5.Advantages of Supporting Facilities
(1)Business and Leisure
Close to China 117 Mansion, the landmark building in Tianjin, which is the second high building in the world and the first high building under construction in China, ZALL E-commerce Mall , Wangfujing Cultural and Creative Industry Park and Times Olympian City, and other commercial complex, as well as high-end business and leisure venues such as Tianjin Goldin Metropolitan Polo Club and Yangliuqing Golf Course. It takes less than 10 minutes to get to the Tianjin Olympic Center and Tianta Tower, Water Park, Tianjin Municipal Government and Guest House Hotel, and 30 minutes to downtown business district including Heping Road Commercial Street, Xiaobailou Commercial Street and  Binjiang Road Commercial Street.
(2)Ecological Residence
Next to residential areas of different levels, ranging from Jingwu Demonstration Town to Gediao Songjian, Sicily, Xuhui Nannan Park and Zhongjun Baiwan. There are also Wanke Four Seasons Flower City, Paulino Notting Hill, Capital Hill, Guoxing Home, Xianghe Park, defined as middle and high-end residential areas catering to different groups of people.
(3)Medical Resources
Surrounded by several tertiary hospitals like Tianjin First Central Hospital, the Second People's Hospital of Tianjin, Tianjin, the first subsidiary hospital of Tianjin Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Xiqing Hospital.

By Amber Feng and Ted Hu

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