XEDA Creativity Industry Park

General Introduction

XEDA Creativity Industrial Park has been the first key pilot project promoted and transformed from manufacturing factories to the Culture and Creativity Industrial Park in Xiqing Economic-Technological Development Area (hereinafter referred to as XEDA). The project is close to XEDA Administrative Committee, Loka Township, Meijiang AEON Shopping Mall and Tianjin Ring Expressway, 8km to the downtown and right located beside the Tianjin belt expressway, with a  land area of 83,000㎡ and a construction area of 40,000㎡. It is transformed from No.19B, No.20, No.21, No.22, No.24 workshops and No.4 workshop in Xinghua 8th Branch Road. Phase 1 includes No.22, No.24 workshop and No.4 workshop in Xinghua 8th Branch Road (Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Cultural Creativity Industry Demonstration Base). Phase 2 consists of the rest three workshops. The workshop can be divided according to the actual use, ranging from 150㎡ to 6000㎡.

Based on keeping old workshop historical style, the project builds intensive intelligence ecological office area, creative product display and sale area through a variety of means such as promoting greening, transforming landscape, perfecting supporting facilities and functional orientation and segmentation.With the historical style of old factory well-preserved, the project will be built into a intelligence-intensive ecological office area, the creative product exhibition area and a sales area by means of greening promotion, landscape promotion, supporting facilities perfection, function orientation and segmentation.

Investment Orientation
Through industrial planning and investment operations, the project is planned to be an office area for cultural creative industries featured by  industrial design, architectural design and fashion design. At the same time, intellectual enterprises in fashion magazines, advertising exhibition, business consulting, marketing headquarters, mobile game design have been introduced, attracting the settlement of industrial design associations, clothing associations, promoting the participation of "master studio", forming a culture creative park characterized by consumer art, fashion, interactive experience style .

Location Advantage Three-Dimensional Traffic
1、High-Speed Railway directly to Beijing and Shanghai 
(1).Beijing-Tianjin Intercity High Speed Railway
It takes 30 minutes from the project to Tianjin Railway Station and 30 minutes to Beijing by Beijing-Tianjin Intercity High Speed Railway.
(2).Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway
It takes 20 minutes from the project to Tianjin South Railway Station and 5 hours to Shanghai by Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway.
2、Multiple highways connected to the whole country
(1)There are 11 arterial roads within Xiqing District including Tianjin-Fuzhou, Tianjin-Zibo, Tianjin-Dagang, Tianjin-Datong Expressway and Tianjin Ring Road.
(2)The project is 1km away from Tianjin Ring Road, Rongcheng-Wuhai Highway, Tianjin-Zibo Highway.
(3)It takes only 30 minutes to Tianjin Airport and Tianjin Port.

3、Convenient Public Transportation
(1) Centered by the project, there are 18 bus stops and 11 bus lines within the 1.5km distance area.
(2) Multiple bus lines connected between XEDA-the project-downtown.
(3) It is only 0.5km away from the project to Xinghua Road Station of Subway Line 7.
It is only 2km away from the project to Convention Center(Huizhanzongxin) Station of Subway Line 6.
It is only 3km away from the project to the First Affiliated Hospital of Tianjin University of TCM (Zhongyiyifuyuan) Station of Subway Line 

Intelligence Aggregation,  Empower the Enterprise Trough Talents
The three major High Education Areas and Haihe Educational Park are all within the 10 km distance, in which there are nearly 30 famous universities and colleges including Nankai University,Tianjin University, Tianjin Arts College have set up the design-concerning majors. In 2015, there are totally 156,000 graduates, and talents in designing field take up 3200. 

High level Service One Stop Approval

(1)From investment negotiation in the earlier stage to the market expanding after putting into operation, we provide you with life-long services.
(2)Sub-center of Xiqing Approval Center implements “one-stop” approval and “All-in-One System” service.

(3)XEDA Creativity Park offer concierge-like high-end property service, attending to every detail and satisfying service requirement from every guest, providing a safe, comfortable and convenient office environment.

By Treya Lee and Sylvia Zhang

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